Timers of Nirn

An addon for the Elder Scrolls Online to track timers out of game







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How do I reorder my characters?

You can change the order your acccounts and characters show up in by managing your accounts from your profile page.

How do I change which characters show up on the summaries?

You can set which characters show up on which summary pages from the settings page accessible from that character's info page.

Can I change the colors of the research grid?

You can change the color for known traits, unknown traits, and traits currently being researched by editing your profile.

How can I reset my password?

If you forgot your password you can reset it here. If you wish to change your password, you can do that here

I didn't receive an activation email. What do I do?

Check your spam folder to make sure it was not sent there. If you cannot find it you can resend your account activation here

I found a bug/I have a suggestion. What do I do?

You can join the Discord server for Timers of Nirn or message Tirtow on the ESO forums or Reddit.

Why do you have a character named "Big Fluffy Orc"?

Why not ;)


How do I install the client/addon?

Download the client and addon and unzip it. Then copy/paste the entire TimersOfNirn folder into your Addons folder. Reload UI and you should see the addon in game.

How do I run the client?

The client comes with the addon and is located in TimersOfNirn/client/. Navigate there and open the client to run it.

How do I update my characters on the site?

When you run the client it will update any characters that need to be updated with the site. If you leave the client running while you play the game it will automatically update your characters when your reload UI or log out of a character.

What happens if I delete a character?

If you delete a character the client/addon will no longer update it with the site. The character will still appear on the site until you delete it from its individual page.

What happens if I rename a character?

The name of the character will be automatically updated by the addon and the site.

Are there any in game commands for the addon?

There are a handful of in game commands:

  • /ton open the settings for the addon
  • /hft open the list of horse feed timers
  • /drt open the list of daily LFG random timers
  • /tonupdateresearch manually update the trait research timers for the character


How do I create a character?

You must first create a Game Account. Once you have done that, you can create new characters for that Game Account.

How do I set the timers for my characters?

You can set your timers in one of two ways. You can set the timers for all characters belonging to a Game Account from the grid of characters for that account. Or you can set the timers for an individual character from the page for that individual character.

How do I set the traits my characters know?

You can set the traits each of your characters already know from the page to set the timers for an individual character.

How do I set the timers for the traits my characters are researching?

You can set the days, hours, and minutes remaining on the research of a trait from the page to set the timers for an individual character.

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